Why must we be so critical about the current Ottawa real estate market, Its a great time to buy and sell

Just read Steve Maich's article about the so-called real estate "mania" and I am quite surprised at the simplicity of his opinions on this wonderful, exciting seller's market.

I may be a tad biased as a Real Estate Agent in Ottawa, but the value of owning property in Ottawa is a great investment! I was a little disturbed by Maich's feelings towards the housing market here in Ottawa being compared to such areas as Detroit where the unemployment rate is significant and crippling, and owning a car is not at all the same responsibility as owning land, as the value of a ten year old home does not depreciate in value at any alarming rate like a ten year old car does. 

Needless to say, I was not impressed with the notion that putting more money into the banking system is the best return on my investment - its just an easy solution with very little security from possible future corporate corruption or government tax law changes. 

Simply put, my house is tangible, I can touch it, fix it and call it my own - I need to live somewhere and therefore its value is priceless :)



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Thanks so much Dana & Rachel for your assistance with our house purchase in Ottawa - we really valued your knowledge of the Ottawa housing market. Your offers to attend the home inspection, pick up our keys, and be our eyes and ears in Ottawa when we couldn't was greatly appreciated.
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