How to Prepare to Meet with a Listing Agent

So you're thinking about selling your home, and you've invited a Realtor to see your property and discuss your options for putting it on the market. This first meeting is pivotally important for a few reasons: setting expectations, establishing plans and goals, and judging personality fit. In order to make the most of the appointment, here are our tips for preparing to meet with a listing agent. 

Tidy the Space 

You want your home to look its absolute best.  While agents are experts at seeing past dirt and clutter, they also know that a clean and tidy home is easier to sell, which will often result in a higher selling price.  Take the time to make your home look its absolute best prior to your first agent visit.

Prepare a List of Upgrades, Major Repairs, and Maintenance

While some things may be apparent at first glance (e.g. granite counters), take some time prior to your agent visit to compile a list of work you have done to your home, and when you did it, to the best of your ability. This list can assist your agent in properly valuing your home. Buyers will feel more secure knowing that the any issues with the house were addressed properly, and that any additions or upgrades were handled by a professional. 

Understand Your Selling Timeframe

Agents will want to know whether you are looking to list immediately, sometime in the next few months, or maybe in the next year or two. The timing of when you want your home on the market can impact the listing price, marketing strategy, and final sale price. Your timeframe also gives the listing agent an idea of what your expectations are. The way our team approaches the listing process is unique to each client's needs, but the timing of those needs has a major impact. 

Have Some Idea What Your Home May Be Worth

You are relying on your Realtor to be the expert when it comes to positioning your home on the market. Despite the wealth of information now available online, your Realtor will have more accurate and complete information about listing and selling prices, in addition to experience in selling homes. That being said, take some time to look at to see what is currently on the market in your area and at what price. Look for homes that have similar bedroom and bathroom counts, square footage, and features. Resist the urge to base your estimations on news articles about the marketplace in general, as these may not accurately reflect the potential of your particular neighborhood or property. When it comes to valuing homes, we always support our recommended listing prices with evidence from the current market. 


The decision to list your home for sale is a big step in life. These practical tips can help you prepare and organize yourself for that first meeting with a listing agent, so that you can focus on the one thing that only the right agent can provide: fit. Working with a team that understands your needs, respects your emotions, and can address your questions will make the selling process as stress-free as possible. That's why we tailor our approach to each individual client, because just like first meetings, no two are ever the same. 



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