Are You Ready to Downsize?

There are many reasons why people may choose to downsize from their current living situation. Retirement, health concerns, changes in employment, and separations can all motivate the decision to downsize – and the choice is far from easy. 

If downsizing is in your plans, here are some of our tips to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Set Your Priorities

As you prepare to downsize, set your priorities for what you want to gain from this transition. It may be that you want a property that requires less maintenance work, in which case a condo may be best for you. Perhaps your priority is to live near a family member, or close to things you enjoy such as shopping, golf, water, or community hubs. Maybe your priorities are mainly financial, and consolidating your living costs is the primary objective. Regardless of your priorities, our team can help you find the right home for your unique situation. 

Prepare Your Family 

As you prepare to downsize, it’s beneficial to prepare your family as well. Have frank discussions about how your lifestyle is going to change with this transition. Your grown children may be sad to see their childhood home leave the family, and it’s important to allow them to participate in this transition for a sense of closure. 

Preparing your family may also mean disbursing items you no longer need or want as you whittle down your collection of belongings. 

Prepare Your Property

Getting ready to list your property for sale is a process that we recommend starting well in advance. We’d be happy to discuss selling strategies with you, and how the timing of your listing can impact selling price. 


Preparing your property for sale involves three key tasks: decluttering/cleaning, repairs, and staging. Decluttering to downsize can be a lengthy and emotional process, so give yourself plenty of time to complete this step. Perform or contract out any repairs that need to be done for the function of the home. Lastly, we’ll bring in one of our professional stagers to make your property look its absolute best for listing. 

If you think you may be ready to begin the downsizing process, let us know. We’re happy to help with this important step. 

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